Sede Las Condes


Miss Elena Leyton Concha

Our dear Miss Elena is the Administrative headmistress for the 3 branches. Our dear Miss Elena founded Kendal English School in 1992 considering love as a fundamental tool for teaching. The Motto she created says ¨Love and Learning go together in the growth of mankind¨ and she has lived her life giving love to her community and family.

Miss Cynthia Saavedra

Encargada de la conducción académica de cada una de las sedes del colegio.

Teacher Jorge Aravena

General Coordinator

School´s General Coordinator. Teacher Jorge is also Psycologist.

Teacher Patricio Sierra

Senior coordinator of the branch

Middle/Senior Acade

Teacher Gonzalo Vega

History Teacher

Teacher Gonzalo Vega is our History Teacher.

Miss Pamela Rejas

Language Teacher

Miss Pamela Rejas is our Language Teacher

Miss Nubia Burgos

Middle Coordinator

Miss Nubia is the Middle Coordinator of the branch.

Teacher Carlos Donoso

Headmistress Assistant

Teacher Carlos is our Headmistress Assistant

Miss Karen Llanos

English Teacher

Miss karen Llanos is our English Teacher

Miss Astrid Fuchslocher

Science checkpoint teacher

Miss Astrid Fuchslocher is our Science checkpoint teacher

Teacher Andrés Izurieta

Computing Teacher

Teacher Andrés Izurieta is Computing Teacher from 5th to 9th grade.

Miss Valery Palacios

Chemistry Teacher

Miss Valery Palacios is our Chemistry Teacher.

Miss Andrea Tesmer

Maths Teacher

Miss Andrea Tesmer is Maths Teacher for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Miss Nancy Araya

Maths Teacher

Miss Nancy Araya is our Maths Teacher

Teacher Alejandro Aspe

Maths Teacher

Teacher Alejandro Aspe is our Maths Teacher

Teacher Jonathan Inostroza

Physics Teacher

Physics Teacher from 7th to 12th grades.

Teacher Ariel Pérez

Language Teacher

Teacher Ariel is the Language Teacher from 9th to 12th grades.

Miss Inés Cabezas

Chemistry Teacher

Miss Inés is the Chemistry Teacher from 7th to 12th Grade.

Miss Anguel Muñoz

Social Studies Teacher

Miss Anguel is the Social Studies Teacher from 7th to 12th Grade.

Teacher Héctor Morales

Science Department Head, Biology Teacher

Teacher Héctor is the Biology Teacher at Las Condes Branch and Head of the Science Department.

Miss Damaris Infantas

P.E Teacher

Miss Damaris Infantas is our P.E Teacher

Miss Fernanda Echeverría

P.E Teacher

Miss Fernanda Echeverría is our P.E Teacher

Teacher Nicolás Jara

Music Teacher

Music Teacher of the 3 brances.

Miss Patricia Leyton


Miss Paty is Las Condes Branch´s Secretary.

Mr. Patricio Saavedra

Finance Manager

Mr. Patricio Saavedra is our Finance Manager

Mr. Benjamín Tapia

Finances Assistant

Mr. Benjamín Tapia is Finances Assistant

Miss Vanessa Mandiola

General Inspector and English Coordinator

Miss Vanessa es our General Inspector and English Coordinator

Miss Javiera Saavedra

Finances Manager

Miss Javiera is the Finances Manager of the School.

Gustavo Pedreros

System and Account Manager

Gustavo is the System and Account Manager

Rosita Narváez

Maintenance staff

Rosita is part of the maintenance staff